All Surtio consultancy projects are treated with 100% confidentiality and we are happy to sign NDA’s before discussing your project. We offer a service for companies who are looking for impartial and unbiased advice, based on fact, not opinion. We have invaluable market knowledge and have helped numerous clients in areas such as:

Analysis and perception of your brand in the UK

Our connectivity within the dealer, D+B and A+D markets allows us to gain honest opinions on how your brand is currently perceived by the market.

New brands to the UK

Based on fact and not opinion, we can give you a thorough understanding of the UK market and advice on how you need to conduct commercially to achieve short, medium and long term success.

Young brands / start up mentoring

We can help with your approach to the UK and London market, advising each step in terms of your commercial approach to various routes to market.

Product portfolio assessment

We can assess your current product portfolio in terms of its relevance to the UK market and how it compares to your competitors in terms of price, lead times and design.

Routes to market advice and improving connectivity

Our knowledge of the UK market allows us to give you a deep understanding of the Dealer, D+B and A+D routes to market and advise the most appropriate route for your business. We can also advise on the best contacts within each route to market.

Relocation / Showroom Space

We have strong contacts within the property market in Clerkenwell which allows us to assist you with finding relevant showroom space, a showroom collaboration or short term pop up space.

Human resources, learning/development, mentoring

We have contacts with UK Employment lawyers to advise on any sensitive actions you need to take. We can also assist with the learning and development of your employees in terms of their approach to the different routes to market.

Global research / market intelligence

Our connectivity and knowledge allows us to give you reports on various industry topics including salary expectations, commission structures and detailed job role analysis.